Ownership / Teamwork: I understand the mission, I am a committed owner of that mission, and I am the strongest proponent of that mission. I am one member of the team and I am personally responsible for the success of my team. I will set an elevated example based on mutual respect to inspire others, I will utilize cross-functional problem solving – asking for their help. I will reward the successes of my team members, and I will forgive the failures when best effort and good judgment were applied.

 Mentoring / Training, Vision Attainment: I will insure team development for optimum skill sets. I will solidify an evolutionary vision with defining measurement metrics. I will include my team in vision clarity and nimble evolution exercises, elevating our daily activities to accomplish next generation objectives. I will create a bi-directional performance management feedback environment.

Heightened Work Ethic – Action Bias: I will seek counsel from the experts, apply my own good business judgment, do my own thinking, and then make a timely decision. I would rather beg forgiveness for making an honest and reasonable mistake, than miss the opportunity to act upon my own good judgment. I will do this responsibly, and knowing that my decision and actions affect enterprise success.

 Financial Acumen: I will insure a sales focus that includes everyone, and create customer relationship management processes at every touch point. I will own customer problems and deliver solutions. Operational expenses will scale with revenue, solving root causes, not superficial issues. I will employ cost avoidance management and apply optimum program/project management disciplines.

 Environment: I will create a climate of enterprise; make performance visible, reward successes while forgiving and learning from honest failures. I will preach personal responsibility and team membership. I will accept nothing less than best effort, from my team members or myself. I will remove roadblocks from our way, apply a consistent sense of urgency and demonstrate a positive attitude at all times.

 Dynamic Business Focus: Personal integrity defines that I will play fairly and strengthens my aggressive commitment for success. I am personally responsible for the success of my team, and we will win. I will build strategic relationships at every touch point. I will understand, own and evolve my customer’s value proposition. I will integrate appropriate new technology, focus on process engineering and re-engineering and insure a competitive product and service obsolescence process.